Why Do Guys Like Big Boobs?

It seems like a question for the ages. Women ask it of themselves and of men they know all the time. Even we men even find ourselves asking the question sometimes.

Why Do Guys Like Big Boobs?

I guess to some it hasn’t really even been something they’ve questioned; most guys like big boobs, and that’s just how it is. Yet even if you haven’t asked the question explicitly, there must be some inherent curiosity within you as to why this phenomenon is such. I mean, why do 5-second GIF video clips of Katy Perry’s boobs bouncing in an Elmo shirt get 100s of millions of views? What is it about these (disclaimer: I’m a guy) big, round, juicy, bouncy, squishy….body parts, that makes us men forget nearly everything else in the world and just smile?

The Biology Of Attraction

Not to worry guys, you’re not just a super-pervert (note: this doesn’t get you off the hook if you are indeed just a super-perv). Research into the biology of attraction has shown than the attraction to big boobs is actually something we’ve involved into having. What the scientists studying this, ‘biology of attraction’, have come to conclude in several studies is that women with larger breasts are more fertile. Which is to say that given a sample of random women, the ones with the larger breasts have a higher chance of getting pregnant than those who find themselves wearing smaller bras. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that women who are less-endowed are barren and can’t have children; the smaller-chested out there can indeed get pregnant, just perhaps not as easily as measured by statistics and hormone levels. However, keep in mind guys that the lady is just one half of pregnancy equation; if you’re virile enough, and she’ll actually not physiologically barren, then it’ll still happen.


Then Why Do Guys Like Big Butts?

Rather than extend the subject and squeeze two posts out of it, I’ll just address this obvious corollary question here. Guys like big butts for the same reason. Narrow hips and big butts are also indicators of a woman’s likely hormonal and physical fertility. Of note, is that in the aforementioned big boobs and fertility issue, narrow hips are also a part of the equation. The key, it seems, would be to have big boobs and/or a big butt, with narrow hips…in-terms of exemplifying the physical traits of fertility.

Can Guys Like ‘Flat’ Girls Without Big Butts or Big Boobs?

Yes, of course they can. Women without huge curves can also insanely sexy. Over the long-run, it would even seem that the big boobs and big butts of fertility don’t count for much these days, as human survival and evolution aren’t in as dire straits as they perhaps used to be. Civilization and medicine has evolved that beyond ‘skinny’ girls remaining supremely attractive, we have evolved as a species to a point where infertility is usually something that occurs accidentally after our births….or even if born with-it, science has gotten us to a place where a couple can still have a child despite either’s level of fertility.

So All This Means…

Absolutely nothing in the big picture. In the short-term it might tell you why porn stars and actresses tend to have a certain build, but as I’ve said, this is fleeting. Personality trumps all in the end, and compatibility in a relationship extends far beyond the cup size of the woman in the relationship.

But at least now you know, if you find yourself staring a big boobs or a big ass…it’s not just because you’re a pervert. Blame evolution if it ever comes up in an argument.



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