The androsForm Blueprint

I think it’s only right that I start this off with an explanation of the name androsForm; not only because of its’ ambitious and somewhat pretentious meaning, but also because I think picking “andro” out of the title might have some think this is going to be a blog about androstenedione or about anabolic steroids…it won’t be, though it will talk a great deal about fitness. The name androsForm stems from my love of philosophy.  “Andrós” (ἀνδρός) is the greek word for man and “Form” is meant in the title as Plato would have meant it. To Plato, in very simple terms, the Form of something was its’ perfect blueprint. So, what a lot of this blog will focus on is honing the Form of man and working on developing this blueprint. I don’t claim to have the blueprint or even have most of it.

But to Plato, the Forms laid outside of the sensible realm and true knowledge could only be gained by coming to grasp with the Forms through the faculties of the  mind. The majority of individuals, including myself, who have  read his texts are left without definitive answers of how or even if we can do this. While none of us may ever have the “perfect” blueprint, I think it’s a quest that can only help to better ourselves.

I don’t want this site to be one-sided or preachy either. I want it to become a group of like-minded people discussing, debating, and ultimately working towards bettering ourselves as individuals in the ways we want to and in those that we need to; I urge comments on anything you guys find interesting. I’ll be posting articles, quotes, videos, pictures and all sorts of content dedicated to trying to develop the androsForm blueprint.

I quoted Fight Club up there and included an image of Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Durden to this post. Durden is a man’s man and he was in great shape for what was an amazing movie (based on an even more amazing book). That aside, I think that the aforementioned quote is one of the more powerful messages to take away from this film…

Losing everything includes saying goodbye to fear, doubt, insecurities and other such things that often slow us down. We might not have to lose everything but hopefully we can lose that which we must whilst constructing and striving to achieve the androsForm.

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