Kirstin Lykus: androsForm Beauty of the Moment

On Getting Into Fitness : Well I was always into sports when I was in school(gymnastics/cheer) but then when I got to high school I focused on my grades and left the sports on the back burner… I found myself gaining weight and it spiraled from there. My heaviest I remember weighing was almost 190lbs(I would not step on the scale anymore after that!) I finally had a breaking point when I moved out on my own,  I got into rollerblading at a long paved bike path near my apt. I didn’t want to workout around people at that point because I was so self-conscious, so this was perfect… Alone, outdoors and could go for miles if I wanted to(worked up to that!). I didn’t have the greatest eating habits still at that point(I was taking in far too little for all the exercise i was doing, poor food choices) and my mother noticed… so she hired a nutrition planner. From there I just got more and more into learning how to care for my body through nutrition and training. I am constantly wanting to learn and ask my coach probably waaaay too many questions, but that’s me! Hahaaa.

On Why She Loves It:It challenges you to be better… There are sacrifices I must make but then I see the positive outcome and it keeps me moving forward.



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