Do Phiten Necklaces Work?

Phiten necklaces are making waves due to claims that they improve the body’s flow of energy, which in turn has the potential to improve athletic ability. A chiropractor invented the necklaces, which infuse aqua-titanium metal into the necklaces. According to Phiten, the necklaces then provide the wearer with “natural health-promoting-properties of titanium.”


The necklaces have steadily risen in popularity since first hitting the market, however, the company’s necklaces reached high demand in 2007, when it gained a license with the MLB Authentic Collection. Since that time, pitchers for various major league baseball teams have sported the Phiten necklaces, spurring interest among the general public. Other celebrity athletes also wear the necklaces, including professional golfer, Sergio Garcia and basketball player, Carmelo Anthony. Today, Phiten necklaces come in an array of colors and styles, and are marketed to individuals of all ages.


Despite the large number of athletes and loyal customers who swear by the product’s health and wellness benefits, there are many skeptics who are reluctant to believe the unofficial claims surrounding Phiten necklaces. Many people are skeptical of Phiten necklaces because of the science Phiten developers use to create and produce the necklaces. The necklaces follow the same area of science that acupunture does, which may reduce credibility among some consumers. Additionally, much of the speculation surrounding Phitan’s health benefits comes from vague claims from the company itself. In promoting the necklaces, Phiten fails to make an actual health claim or prove a single benefit, but instead encourages consumers to just buy a necklace to experience its benefits for themselves.

Because of federal regulations regarding false health claims, there’s noticably little specific information from Phiten’s U.S. branch about what the necklaces can actually do, but other counties have less stringent regulations regarding public health claims. Phiten websites and company branches in those countries make more specific claims regarding the potential of Phiten necklaces. For example, the New Zealand version of Phiten’s website states that the necklaces and their aqua-titan components may reduce fatique and alleviate muscle strain and tension, which may subsequently prevent injury, improve recovery and maximize physical ability and agility.


To find out the truth about Phiten necklaces and the aqua-titanium technology they use to reduce fatigue and muscle strain, Martin Korte of the Zoological Institute in Germany conducted a research experiment in 2008 studying tape infused with the same aqua-titanium technology. The study examined the synaptic plasticity, resting membrane potential and firing rate of hippocampal pyramidal neurons in the presence of aqua-titanium  tape and a placebo tape.

The study found insignificant evidence supporting the health benefits of aqua-titanium infused products, such as tape or Phiten necklaces. Though researchers found a slight improvement in pain under the influence of high conentrations of aqua-infused titanium, the improvements were insignificant in comparison to the same benefits of the control group who wore placebo tapes. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean Phiten necklaces have no affect on athletic performance. The placebo effect of Phiten necklaces may actually improve an athlete’s ability based on phsycology alone. If a wearer believes he acquires energy from a necklace, that thought process may in turn have a positive impact on actual performance.

Eastern medicine is known for its approach to health from both a physical and mental capacity. Many people believe the body and the mind has the ability to self-heal. Though the science of Phiten necklaces lacks solid scientific evidence to support claims that the product provides health benefits to wearers, there’s also little evidence to prove the necklaces have no benefits either. With no known side effects and the slight possibility of health improvements, the jury is still out on whether or not Phiten necklaces really work.


  1. Typical example of what is meant by a placebo effect 😉 If there is a market for it then who can blame the "inventor".

  2. I've gotta go with the whole placebo being fine thing here; I've had one for a while now…has it increased my energy-flow or balance? I don't know but I like it so I wear it.

  3. For almost four hours, today, my neck, shoulders, and back were aching from shifting books. I went to the local Phiten shop and had several pieces of the titanium tape and discs applied to my neck and upper back. Within ten minutes, the pain eased and I felt much better. I bought a necklace also and have been wearing it for the past few hours. My range of motion is good and the tension in my shoulders has lessened significantly. I don’t know the science behind the product. I just know it works. My husband and several friends use Phiten products and are quite happy with the result. Now, so am I.

  4. I am an avid tennis player and I have always had stiffness on the right side of my neck and my right shoulder blade always hurt. I started wearing a phiten necklace and the pain and stiffness virtually disappeared. I took the necklace off just a couple of days ago and both the pain and stiffness returned, when I put the necklace back on I started feeling better immediately.

    I am what you would call a skeptic, if it can’t be proven then it is not true; that is because of my scientific and technical training. I must say it still baffles me that this thing actually works but it has made a believer out of me. It is also a lot cheaper than my chiropractor!!!

  5. All these anecdotal stories are nice, but some double blind studies showing that this product does anything more than produce a placebo effect would be nice. My guess is that the manufacturer has no interest in doing such studies (or incentive), and the product is harmless enough that no one else will bother.

  6. I tried one of these but my headaches did NOT go away, my energy levels did NOT increase nor did I feel anything different. After 3 days, 3 hours and 3 min of wearing it though, something AMAZING happened, I realized that I could fly! I am so amazed with my new flying abilities and my super human strength. The secret was to wear it for exactly 3 days, 3 hours and 3 min without showering or getting wet at all and then, flight time!

  7. No one knows how aspirin works, but it does work. If it worksvfor you, it works for you bif not, then not. It’s like religion. Not everyone agrees about the efficacy of prayer. There are people who can “prove” that prayer works. All these negative comments are useless and appear to be the product of congenital cynicism.

  8. Don’t waste your money on Phiten, most of the MLB players that wear them are sponsored by Phiten so they are paid to wear them. Instead, get you some magic beans, because they really work.

  9. if this the same necklaces they sell on those informercials? the ones where they are at a kiosk in the mall? anyone see that one before?

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