Becca Marie: androsForm Beauty of the Moment




On Getting Started with Fitness: I got into fitness for 2 reasons, one being my passion for people be it making them healthy physically, healing emotionally or just making them smile. I have a rather strong addiction to people , I love learning about them in every way shape & form. And working out is not just about physical change & growth but it helps emotionally more then most people realize. and i take huge pride in being a part of that. My second reason was for emotional healing for myself that is why i know the power it has emotionally fitness helped me heal, grow & find myself. I always say “Being fit is not only appealing to the eyes but essential for the mind, body & soul





  1. oooo… love those legs, you go girl, fitness is very important for women. Modern fashion propagates a physically weak image of women as beauty… but you are beautiful and strong. This should be the ideal of beauty in any society.

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  2. woot that's one hot babe! seen her before but never knew her name. bookmarked!

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