Tiffany Gaughan: androsForm Beauty of the Moment


On Life & Getting Into Fitness: I am an east coast girl living in northern California and life is grand!  I love motivating and encouraging people around me.  I have been a stylist for the last 8 years but am looking forward to transitioning to the health and fitness industry.  I was never much of an athlete and wasn’t all that active as a kid.  I read a lot of books and kept to myself.  Several years ago I started taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with my boyfriend and have been inreasingly interested in fitness, health and nutrition.  I started taking group fitness classes and was inspired by some amazing instructors (Cindy and Cheri – you guys are awesome!) to get certified in group fitness and spin.  Then one day I was leafing through a Muscle and Fitness Hers and started thinking, ‘why dont I look like HER?!? – I work too much to not look fabulous.  I contacted a gym run by two current IFBB Pros and have been completely hooked ever since.  I am excited to now be a member of Team Bombshell ( and am looking forward to an amazing 2012 season!!!




  1. OMG!.. she's got a great body, really fit. I have been a work out enthusiast for past 2 years… Loving your website btw…

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  2. Kurtis Sears says:

    Oh wow nice chick man : ) Inspiration for sure! make me want to hit the weights and get ready for the beach next summer ; )

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