A Fit Man’s Guide to Staying Stylish This Winter

It’s that time of year again — the cold, blistering wind whips through the streets as snow flakes gently fall to the ground, and nighttime comes sooner than anyone could imagine it would. During the winter months, it’s easy to feel like hunkering down, getting warm and staying inside — but that doesn’t mean it is a time of year to ignore the latest fashion trends. For men, there are plenty of winter looks that are both stylish and functional, allowing you to look your best while still staying warm and toasty all winter long. Below are some of the best winter fashion trends for 2011 that will allow you to showcase the body you work on all year round.


Winter in the city is about survival of the fittest — and best dressed. While it is important to stay warm as you brave the cold city streets, do not forget the importance of the perfect winter jacket. There are a variety of winter jacket styles that are hot for men this year, depending on the occasion.

Whether you are headed into a long day at the office, or hitting the town for a hot date, a guy can’t go wrong with a classic pea coat from The Gap this winter season. These jackets define style and elegance, maintaining a city chic look without being fashion overkill. It’s an essential item to have in your closet this winter, always available whenever you might need it.

For a more casual look as you brave the cold and snow, consider purchasing a puffer jacket. These jackets, offered by The Gap, allow you to stay warm while still looking great. Filled with down feathers but contoured to fit your body perfectly, these jackets are a great pick for a Saturday afternoon of holiday shopping or a quick jaunt about town. They give you the opportunity to showcase your weekend best, while still keeping comfort at the forefront.



There is no more essential piece in a winter wardrobe than a great sweater. The right sweater can make a snowy Sunday afternoon stroll through the park into a winter wonderland occasion. Be sure to stock your closet this year with a variety of sweaters, ranging from snugly wool to elegant cashmere, so that you are set for any social outing — be it a casual night at the bar or a festive holiday get together.

J. Crew offers a variety of sweaters that are perfect for the 2011 winter season. A crew neck sweater made of wool is a great choice for any gathering, be it an afternoon date for coffee or night out at the bar with the guys. Traveling home for the holidays? Consider packing a wool cable knit cardigan — this style allows you to dress for the occasion while still keeping comfort at the forefront. It looks great with a pair of jeans, and will keep you warm on the long drive to greet family and friends you’ve been waiting all year for. Another hot look this year is the mock turtleneck. Pick one up in a classic shade, such as grey or black, and you will find it will have many uses as you make your way through the winter months.


As the wind whips down the city streets, a scarve is not only a fashion accessory but a winter necessity. The fact that a scarf is needed to shield your face from the cutting winds and blustery snow falls, however, does not mean you should throw on just any old scarf with that stylish winter coat. There are plenty of trendy scarves that will prove to be both functional and fashionable as you brave the wind and cold for the next few months.

Ralph Lauren offers a variety of wool scarves for men. These wide scarves give you the optimal look, and go great with a classic peacoat jacket. Consider purchasing a scarf in a luxurious fabric, such as a cashmere, which will be the most comfortable on snowy days. Most scarves this winter will feature neutral tones, such as greys and blacks, with slight designs in them. Look for subtle patterns, such as a thin plaid stripe or tiny checkerboard patterns. These will give you a balanced look overall without being attention grabbing. The perfect scarf will prove to have many uses throughout the 2011 winter season.


In addition to having that perfect scarf to complete your outfit this winter, don’t forget to pick up a pair of complementing gloves. Again, these accessories become necessities during a winter in the city, as they will protect your hands as you walk for blocks to get to work, the subway or a great restaurant. Allow the gloves to complete your winter look by choosing the perfect pair that matches your winter jacket but also complements the great scarf you have chosen as well.

This winter, Ralph Lauren is offering several pairs of men’s leather gloves. These elegant gloves will keep your hands warm while allowing you to look great at the same time. Black leather works well with nearly any type of jacket, in particular the classic look of a winter peacoat and the leather will also complement any scarf — no matter what color or pattern you have decided to go with. It is imperative to choose gloves that will work with a variety of outfits, as you want to utilize them whenever possible with a winter outfit. Leave no stone unturned when planning out your next fashionable move — gloves are an important part to completing a winter ensemble.


When completing a winter outfit, it is important not to ignore footwear as well. Many times, winter weather requires a man to hit the town in a pair of boots — but this doesn’t mean he has to clog around in something that he might have worn in elementary school. Winter boots can be both functional and stylish, allowing you to look professional while keeping safe, dry and warm.

Brooks Brothers is featuring two different boot styles this year that would work well for city life. The winter 2011 Cordovan boot is a perfect choice for those snowy work days. This boot maintains a professional look, resembling a pair of work shoes that would go with any suit or business casual outfit, while coming just above the ankle bone, protecting you from the elements. This is a great go-to boot on the days where you must hit the snowy streets but also have to put in a long day at the office. Another boot style that will be hot in 2011 is the Chukka boots. These casual and comfortable boots still afford you the opportunity to be stylish as you hit the town for a night out, or spend a weekend afternoon browsing the shops.


Hats are often considered an optional winter accessory, but should you choose to wear one to help you battle the cold and snow this winter season, be sure to pick one of this season’s top looks. Under Armour specializes in selling winter gear designed for the elements without ignoring the important fashion trends.

Consider picking up several styles of hats this year in order to be prepared. For fun outdoor activities, such as ice skating, sledding or skiing, grab an Under Armour beanie made of fleece. The specialty fabric used by Under Armour will keep the heat from escaping, while allowing to look great at the same time. For a more stylish weekend look, consider picking up a knit beanie. These knit hats are the perfect winter gear for weekend days out in the city, allowing you to feel warm and comfortable without sacrificing the overall fashion look you were going for as you hit the town, latte in tow, ready to take on the hustle and bustle of the holidays in the city.

These looks are the perfect way to welcome winter, affording you the comfort of cozy clothing without sacrificing the looks you need to survive a winter in the city. So bundle up and hit the town — there is too much to see and do this winter to stay inside, especially when it’s so easy to look fit and fabulous during the coldest, darkest days. Remember that a great winter look isn’t just about the basics — but that accessories can often pull together an entire ensemble allowing you to both look and feel great.

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