Analyzing Brad Pitt’s Sense of Style

He may cause women to swoon — but don’t kid yourself, men idolize Brad Pitt as well for his sense of style and iconic fashion sense. He’s the type of guy who makes fashion a way of life for men. His looks, while well-tailored and always fashion forward, are not effeminate, girly or over the top by any means. He is a man’s man when it comes to fashion — taking runway looks and making them appealing to men. Brad Pitt is the type of celebrity who makes the guy typically not interested in his clothes and what he wears all of a suddent incredibly aware of exactly what is hanging in his closet, and how he should piece together his next outfit before he heads out for a night on the town. Brad Pitt is known for a variety of different looks, all of which are sexy, savvy and fashionable — and none of which are over-the-top and eccentric.

Dressing for Women — Sort Of

One of the secrets to Brad Pitt’s fashion success is that he dresses in a way that women love — without looking like he is dressing specifically for the attention of women. It is no small secret that Brad Pitt is a celebrity that women swoon over, and let’s face it, guys love to have women swoon over them so it is no surprise that men want to dress like Brad Pitt. The important thing to remember is that when you are looking for that great new outfit for a fun night at the bar, try and remember to dress appropriately to your personality. Brad Pitt’s sense of style is one that women happen to favor, however, it also is a fashion sense that suits Brad Pitt as a person as well.

Brad Pitt has a way of creating ensembles that are neat and trim — but don’t necessarily exude stuffiness or ego. It is the natural look of his appearance that makes women turn their heads as he walks down the streets, and the way each outfit looks as if he just “threw it together.” When creating an outfit modeled in the fashion sense of Brad Pitt, be sure to remember that while it may have taken you hours to complete the look it should appear as if you just picked it up and went with it.

Always a Bit Undone

A signature focal point of Brad Pitt’s style is that his look is always complete — but does not always look totally “put together.” An untucked shirt underneath a stylish, fitted blazer, gives Brad Pitt the relaxed, carefree look that exudes masculinity. It’s as if Brad Pitt is saying, I have a sense of fashion but I don’t necessarily care if I look completely perfect all the time.

A guy who is hoping to attain this look of perfectly unkept can do so in a variety of ways. By wearing a fitted T-shirt with a great pair of jeans — but not tucking in the shirt and adding the belt — a guy can easily create an air of relaxation about his personality and his style, while still looking great at the same time. Another easy way to obtain this look is to wear a great fitting button down shirt, but leave a few of those buttons undone. It is a slightly revealing move that shows you appreciate style but are more focused on comfort and enjoying the day rather than being prim and proper all the time.

This creative look to Brad Pitt’s style allows guys to showcase their appreciation of good fashion, while still holding on to their very essence which makes them a guy’s guy.

Act Your Age

One of the most important fashion tips that men can take from Brad Pitt is the importance of dressing age appropriately. While Brad Pitt has been a style icon throughout his 20s and now into his 30s, he has made sure that his fashion sense has grown up along with his age. While some items might look really great on an 18-year-old fraternity brother, it is not necessarily the look at 30-something business man should be wearing.

Brad Pitt has a way of utilizing good fashion sense along with common sense. He recognizes that he is not the 20-year-old heart throb anymore who boomed into Hollywood, but an accomplished actor with a family and responsibilities now. His fashion sense reflects his maturity and serious take on life, but still shows that with age and responsibility doesn’t necessarily mean a guy has to give up on his good looks and great clothes. It is important for men to remember their age and remember the type of image they are trying to portray when picking out an outfit. While you may feel as young as 22, it may not bode well for your professional demeanor to be out and about portraying the looks of a college kid on the loose. Keep your age in mind when dressing, but don’t forget to dress with a great fashion sense as well.

Utilize Accessories

For Brad Pitt, throwing together a great shirt with that perfect blazer complemented by a sturdy pair of jeans isn’t always enough. He is sure to accessorize — not in the way a woman would, but in the way every man should. Accessories that all men should consider include a great watch, a unique hat and a trendy scarf.

Watches are a must-have to complete any look. No guy can go wrong having a variety of different watches on hand — one for professional occassions, another for casual occassions and of course, the perfect watch for a date night. This is a great accessory that helps complete any guy’s outfit whether he is out running errands or out on the town. Not every outfit requires a hat, but keep in mind that some outfits will be made complete with the addition of the perfect cap. Have a variety of styles on hand — from fedoras, to baseball hats to news caps. Depending on the event, a trendy yet masculine scarf is the type of accessory that can truly complete an outfit.

Many men automatically assume that accessorizing is a woman’s game, but that is simply not true. Men should look to Brad Pitt for the perfect way to accessorize an outfit without handing in your man card at the same time.

Sunglasses — Never Forget Your Sunglasses

If there is one thing that many men have learned from Brad Pitt it is that sunglasses are not an option, but an essential piece to any outfit — particularly if you live in or are visiting a warm cilmate. Truly fashion-conscious men know the importance of having several different sunglasses available so that they can complete the look for almost any outfit that they own.

Consider a great pair of aviators with a lighter lens to go with that casual T-shirt and jeans look as you head out for a weekend stroll through the park. Save the sporty shades for a night on the town, or for taking that special someone on a motorcycle ride through the city. Of course, there are classy and dressy sunglasses that you can wear for your next formal occassion — just make sure you are aware of the right time and place to don your shades.

Sunglasses are a great way to not only dress up and complete an outfit, but also to showcase the fun and carefree side of your personality. These are a trademark of Brad Pitt’s style, one that easily an be incorporated into any guy’s wardrobe who is looking for a quick fashion fix.

For men who are looking to nail the Brad Pitt look, remember that style is all about personality. Make sure you aren’t losing the true you as you put outfits together that Brad Pitt would be seen wearing. Brad Pitt couples his masculine style with a calm presence without ego. He is known for being carefree, cool and collected — so your personality should work with his looks as well. While Brad Pitt might have the celebrity budget to afford top-of-the-line looks, his style certainly can be mimicked on the average guy’s budget. Just keep in mind some of the basic elements to all of his looks, and you will be looking as suave as Brad Pitt in absolutely no time.

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