Mind Over Matter: Does Attitude Affect Physical Fitness?

Believe it or not, your attitude and mindset play a role in whether or not you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, tone muscles or increase cardiovascular health, it’s important that your mind and body be aligned. Put a good attitude to work for you and head a bad one off at the pass with these considerations.

An Unrealistic Attitude

Exercise novices aren’t the only ones that begin a new program with unrealistic expectations. Expecting too much out of a fitness program sets you up for immediate failure and can compound a negative attitude about exercising, in general. A particular program may help the average person lose 2 pounds per week, but you might not be the average person. Keep an open mind and remember that progress is progress.

The Quick-to-Quit Mindset

Changing up your fitness plan challenges the muscles and makes you feel the ones you haven’t used as much lately. Some soreness (not pain) is normal after an especially challenging workout. Just because you’re being challenged doesn’t mean you’re up to the task. Modify your fitness program so it’s achievable and then add to it as you’re able.

The Dreaded Chore Attitude

Not everyone in the gym is there because they want to be. If you count yourself in that crowd, you probably spend a good part of the day dreading your next workout. With so many options for cardio and weight training exercise, there’s no reason to dread working out. Pick exercise you enjoy, such as a sport, a class or active game, so you’ll start looking forward to your workouts.

Mind over matter really does come into play where your workouts and physical fitness are concerned. Pushing yourself too hard or not hard enough because of the recordings playing in your head sets you up to fall short of your goals. Next time you feel a bad attitude creeping in, stop what you’re doing and address the issue. Dispel the false messages your mind tries to feed you by asking yourself if they’re really true. As is the case with any other habit, you’ll have to work on adjusting your exercise attitude for a period of time in order to change it. Old habits die hard, but the efforts you make toward developing a healthy, positive attitude about working out will help you maintain good health and fitness.

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