Philita Wheeler: androsForm Beauty of the Moment

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you androsForm’s latest “Beauty of the Moment”, the lovely Philita Wheeler. Philita is the total package; as a CPA, she’s got intelligence and as evidenced by the pictures and video below, she’s stunning. Her dedication to fitness can be evidenced by how she’s able to find the time to balance her professional career with being a highly competitive figure competitor. There’s all of that as well as the fact that she trains harder than most of the guys I see lifting at the gym.

She is a member of Team HMB and is also a Swole Sports athlete. Yet despite her success and her strong passion for fitness, she’s remained grounded and keeps her priorities straight. Read on to learn more about Philita Wheeler, a name you’ll very likely be hearing more of in the future.

Philita Wheeler

Philita Wheeler Against A WallPhilita Wheeler poses at a gym in workout clothes Philita Wheeler posing seductively Image of Philita Wheeler at a Figure CompetitionThe sexy and fit Philita Wheeler posing in a bikini
Born: Zanesville, Ohio
Currently Resides In: Ohio
Profession: Certified Public Accountant
How’d you get into fitness/exercise?

I have always been active, I ran track and cross country in Highschool but got bored of running so I decided to fulfill a childhood dream of being like Kiana Tom, a beautiful Hawaiian Bodybuilder. I picked up the weights cut my running back to just sprint workouts and have never looked back! I’m so much happier with lean mass than the typical runner’s body!

Favorite Exercise?

My favorite exercise hands down is the deadlift!!! I love to be the tiny girl in the gym pulling up a lot of weight, it definitely turns heads! Not only that it targets your major muscle groups in one lift, it really is the king of exercises!

Favorite Cheat Food?

My favorite cheat is always pizza!  Followed by something sweet!

Favorite Moment from Your Career Thus Far?

The favorite moment from my career so far is the moment I told my husband I was so over my competition prep and he told me I needed to get “back under it” and to not look at it in terms of weeks.. Just having his support was my winning moment to me!

If everything you’re currently doing and planning comes to fruition, what are you doing in 10 years and where are you doing it?

In ten years I hope to be established as a trainer while still maintaining an accounting career, numbers are just a part of me like fitness is! When I can look back and say I helped so and so accomplish this and so and so do that, then I will have been successful!

It’s not about fame for me, but who I can bring with me along the way. I’ve come to realize I enjoy the journey more than anything else!!!

Any Closing Words?

My closing words are that anyone can set out and get the body they want or have a successful fitness career, you just have to be willing to put in your time and make sacrifices along the way! Just don’t neglect those who support you! I’m happy to help and support anyone in their journey!

Connect With Philita:

Twitter: @philitawheeler
Website: (coming soon)

Watch Philita’s Training Video


  1. Barry Munro says:

    Philita, I love you using my quote “You are only as strong as your purpose, therefore let us choose reasons to act that are big bold righteous and eternal”
    Don’t hesitate to use it. Love the Christian overtones in you work!

    Bear Munro

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