Heather Shanholtz: androsForm Beauty of the Moment

So this chick might just be able to do everything. It pretty much blew my mind when I heard she was a geek, and then when asked about it went on to talk about her passion for coding web-sites. I’ll tell you one thing; no engineering department I’ve seen has women like this walking around.

Then she goes on to tell me of her recent martial arts and stunt training.She’s been featured in Maxim, FHM and other publications and now it gives me great pleasure to introduce androsForm’s Beauty of the Moment, Heather Shanholtz.


Heather Shanholtz

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Born:  November 13th | Baltimore, MD

Currently Resides:  Miami

Profession(s):  Full-time swimsuit and lingerie model, spokesmodel, and event coordinator.  I also own a web and graphic design firm Exceptional Web Solutions.  I am also the submissions editor for a national boxing magazine called The Ring.

What inspired you to start modeling?

I always wanted to do it so I signed with my first agency and set up my first photo shoot.

Favorite Moment From Your Career So Far?

Being published in Maxim and FHM was pretty cool.  I am also the spokesmodel for Tito Ortiz’s clothing line called Punishment Athletics.  I love my job!

How’d you get into fitness/exercise?

Modeling is very competitive and you always have to look your best so I thought it was a great idea to get into the fitness and exercising.

Favorite Exercise (move or type)?

I love working out my abs.  I have the most amazing trainer his name is Mike Walczak of Zak Attack Miami.  I typically train with him at least four days a week.

Favorite “Cheat” Food?  

Oreo cookies they are the devil LOL!

You’ve called yourself “a computer geek trapped in a hot body”…what’s the geekiest thing you enjoy doing?

I love coding websites and graphic design.  I started my first website when I was 14 years old.  Back then there weren’t any programs to design websites with so I learned all of the HTML coding on my own and before Yahoo it was GeoCities and that’s how I started my business.

If everything you’re currently doing and planning comes to fruition, what are you doing in 10 years and where are you doing it?

I’ll always be in the entertainment industry one way or another I love it so much and there’s so many opportunities.  I recently got certified in stunt school.  I learned how to do fire burns, stunt driving, highfalls, rappelling, knife fights, martial arts, and a ton of other stunt related techniques.

Closing Words:

I am a strong believer that you are your own creator for your destiny.  With willpower, motivation, and drive you can accomplish all of your goals and dreams with all of your hard work and dedication to what you want in your life.

Be sure to check out Tito Ortiz’s clothing line Punishment Athletics (www.punishment.com), which I spokesmodel and shoot for.

Also check out Red Lips Clothing that I spokesmodel for as well.  They have the cutest dresses. (www.redlipsclothing.com)

I also spokesmodel for a great bikini company called Forever Young Swimwear (www.foreveryoungswimwear.com)

Connect with Heather:

Her Official Site


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