Hottie Lessons: How To Tie a Tie Into a Pratt Knot

sexy chick showing how to tie a tie

Maybe you don’t work in an office whose dress code demands that men wear ties. Or perhaps you’ve established yourself as so trendy that the ‘standards’ of fashion seem  too old-fashioned.

Well, it’s certainly true that fashion comes around in cycles…often times, the “trendy” items of today are those that were popular a few generations ago, had this popularity fade ,were redesigned with some sort of new edge.

English: A Windsor knot.

English: A Windsor knot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet with the countless number of these revolving-door fashion trends, there are some fashion standards that remain at a consistent level of performance. Most men look good in a monochromatic buttun-up shirt and a tie. Some of you may not and may never have ew how to tie a tie at all, whereas some of you might just be looking for a knot other than oneof the variants of the dominant Windsor Knot.

So we thought it would be a good idea to kickstart our “androsForm’s Hottie Lessons” series by having the lovely Nichole take you through the steps of how to tie a tie intothe perfect Pratt Knot. Take a look below the video for her step-by-step instructions  if you want to hold onto them.







First, we’re going to start with the tie inside out and the wider end of the tie about 12 inches lower than the narrow end.

Then, we’re going to cross the wide end under the narrow end and place the wide end first over and then under the narrow end.

Now take this loop that you’ve made and tighten it by pulling down it).

Next, we’re going to take the wide end and pull it to the right

Finally, we’re gonna pull the wide end up so it’s behind the loop and then we just put it through the knot and pull down on it to tighten it.


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