“It’s All Good”: Embodying the Brad Pitt Personality Type

Be More Like Brad: The Secret Behind Brad Pitt’s Personality

Picture Quote From Brad Pitt On Morals

Almost everyone knows who Brad Pitt is. OK, let me rephrase that. Nearly every woman in the world knows who Brad Pitt is. He’s the embodiment of Hollywood good looks, and he’s always been included in every list of sexiest or good-looking men in the 21st Century.

But it’s not all about good looks, is it? There are quite a lot of good-looking guys in Hollywood, and they don’t really hold a candle to him when it comes to being admired by women. And that’s because Brad Pitt has quite the personality to match his looks.

Brad Pitt in 2007.

Brad Pitt in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Swagger to Confidence

If you take a look at every movie character Brad Pitt has ever played, you may notice one trait that unites them: they’re all confident men. He was a cocky guy in Thelma & Louise, a determined detective in Se7en, a quietly composed vampire in An Interview with a Vampire, a baseball manager who did it his own way in Moneyball, a cool conman in Ocean’s 11, and a relentless investigator in World War Z. Heck, he was crazy in 12 Monkeys, yet he was so convinced he was right about his cause that he managed to virtually destroy the world!

And that confidence seems to be a real Brad Pitt personality trait. You see it in his interviews, and it seems his confidence is so firm that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t look his best. He tends to wear ugly beards these days, but he acts like he doesn’t care one bit.

Being Good at What He Does

Perhaps part of his confidence stems from the fact that he has proven himself to be a very good actor. His roles are on the surface very different from one another. He acts in blockbusters and in arty films as well. He chooses his roles not because a project pays him a lot or because it will be a blockbuster, but because he just wants to do a particular role or a project. And he portrays these roles quite well, according to reviews.

The Desire for a Family

It’s also part of his charm that he’s a committed family man. His union with Angelina Jolie seems to be going strong, and maybe that’s because they’re a family with kids. He obviously likes kids a lot, and rumor has it that the reason he broke up with Jennifer Anniston is that he wanted to have kids, and she didn’t. Brad Pitt is a grownup who wants grownup responsibilities. That’s appropriate for his age, because he will turn 50 in December.

So that how it stands. If there’s a guy you want to emulate when it comes to being attractive to women, you can’t possibly do worse when you choose to make Brad Pitt as your standard. You may not be able to match his good looks—not many can, obviously—but at the very least you can have the confidence and the maturity that he greatly embodies. Those are the Brad Pitt personality traits that women find attractive. You may not be Brad Pitt, but you can be the next best thing.