Paris Nichole: androsForm Beauty Of The Moment

Paris Nichole

Sexy Model Extraordinaire:

Born: Floridian Born and Raised!

Currently Resides: Orlando, FL

Profession(s): Model

How’d you get into fitness/exercise? In my profession it’s important to look fit but still very feminine, luckily I’m naturally thin so it’s all about staying toned!

Favorite Exercise? I’ll tell you what I hate Cardio! It’s the devil! I love Barre, yoga, palates. There is an awesome barre studio Barre3 in Winter Park that keeps me in shape!

Favorite “Cheat” Food? I’m not a dieter I always eat really healthy. I’m Vegetarian, I’m all about fresh produce grains, basics. So my cheat food would be nothing processed, it’s not part of my typical diet. Typically candy : ) Sour Patch Kids Watermelons are my favorite!

Favorite Moment From Your Career So Far? Seeing my billboards or magazine covers! Love that!

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