3 Health Problems A Regular Sleep Pattern Can Help You Avoid

If you don’t like sleeping, that’s not really surprising these days, considering that there are simply so many distractions in our modern life (and we’re not just talking about that hot chick who’s making your head spin, either).

From the blare of traffic to your gadgets (computer, tablet, smartphone), your relatives, people your work with, and friends all needing your attention at one point or the other – these things that you regularly encounter, day in and day out, are enough to make you go insane.

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Stress Happens.

Still, you persevere. You’re a tough nut to crack. Congratulations for such a strong resolve to manage the daily distractions of life. But, just the same, don’t gloat about your powers yet.

Distractions can bring about stress, and too many distractions can result in a huge amount of stress fermenting inside your body, slowly spreading toxins. The amount of stress you carry around has a lot to do with many health concerns. One very critical health issue it can cause is insomnia.

That can’t be any good, because a lack of sleep can easily affect your body in ways you might not have considered before.


1. Lack of Interest or Desire for Sex

This is a real bummer, one of the things that men try hard to avoid, yet end up experiencing now and then. The bad thing about this is that if it happens frequently, your partner or significant other may start to suspect that you’re falling out of love and… well, you know where misplaced jealousy could lead.

Understand this: the less sleep you get, or the more irregular your sleep habits are, the less testosterone your body will produce. While the male hormone testosterone isn’t the only thing that controls your sex drive, a low amount of testosterone can affect your libido and even be the cause of erectile dysfunction.


2. Weight Gain

Unless you’re anorexic or reed thin and perpetually prone to infections, the only kind of weight gain that would be good for you is if you gained muscles due to regularly working out. Other kinds of weight gain are usually attributable to an accumulation of fat. If you happen to have excess pounds that make you unable to dress stylishly, that limit your social life (being overweight makes you get tired easier), that make you sluggish and unproductive at work, you’d best take stock of how much sleep you’re getting.

People who get too little sleep usually compensate for the lack of energy through eating foods high in sugar, to get an energy boost. As you know, sugar is the enemy when it comes to staying within your ideal body weight and keeping an ideal BMI.


3. Stroke Risk

Okay, maybe you’ve got a high-pressure job and the office won’t run effectively if you go away, that’s why you’re not content working at your office desk, you have to bring home work, too. If that’s been your lifestyle, change it. Right now. If you don’t, you can become a candidate for stroke.

See, when you bring home your work, you te d to forget the time while working because you are in very familiar and comfortable surroundings. That means you could get less sleep or no sleep at all.


Of course, a lack of sleep isn’t the only cause of strokes, gaining unwanted weight, and losing your sex drive. But why risk it, when you can easily help avoid such health issues by getting enough sleep?