Why Water is The Only Drink You Need

It is difficult for many people to stay healthy with all of the information that we have been told in the media and through other sources. It used to be common wisdom that drinking enough water was the number one priority. Now it seems there are plenty of people who think that milk is more important for calcium and orange juice is necessary for vitamin C. In a lot of cases, these “facts” are just pushed forward by the companies who are looking to sell more of their products.

When it comes to the beverages you consume, you really only need to drink water. The rest of the things you have been taught to drink may not be as healthy as you think.

Sexy Fit Chicks Drinking Water

They know how important drinking water is…do you?


Milk and Juice for Health Purposes

Both milk and juice have become the two most widely consumed drinks aside from alcoholic beverages and some soda. Of course, they are considered to be the healthiest options for drinking so that you get enough nutrients every day. When it comes to milk, it is touted as the best way for you to get the calcium that you need to ensure strong bones.

However, the level of calcium that you need is not really that high. When you compare how the body works, you will see that with excess calcium, you start to be unable to absorb it into the bones. Not only that, but people start to actually release the calcium in their bones due to excess consumption because the body doesn’t really know how to handle the situation properly. It is a huge problem that most people never even recognize.

If you are drinking a lot of juice for health reasons, you are probably well aware of the copious quantities of sugar within the drink. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to get rid of the sugar and the most important is to just get the whole fruit instead! Even if you ate a couple of oranges rather than a glass of orange juice, it would be a lot healthier for you.

The most that you get from the fruit is the fiber and many of the minerals and vitamins within the pulp of the juice itself. When you get rid of all that and drink juice alone, there is a lot of lost nutrients and added sugar.

Drinking Water for Health

Your body needs high quantities of water if it wants to get the best reaction from muscles and all other organs in your body. Even though you may not realize it, your body is mostly composed of water. Without enough water, you will die, which is something that you probably already know.

What you do not know is that your body is usually dehydrated long before you even feel thirsty. If you are ever feeling thirsty during the day, you are already dehydrated for a long time. This is why it is recommended that you drink 3 liters to 1 gallon of water each day. It might be hard, but it is worthwhile to force that quantity of water.

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