What She Wants For Christmas This Year

With the days before Christmas counting down, if you still haven’t gotten the lucky lady in your life a gift yet, we figured we’d consult the experts (attractive women) what most ladies want for Christmas.

The Basics Are Often The Best Gifts For Women

Let’s start you off with a quick video run-down from our gorgeous friend Allie, highlighting some of the classic gifts that will leave your lady speechless:

The Christmas festive season is fast approaching, and many are on the rush trying to accomplish their unfinished goals before the year ends. For most men, this is the time to prepare on the surprises to give to the woman in their life. This sounds wonderful, though not to all. For men with no idea on what to give to their better half during the period, it sounds like a nightmare. With just a few days remaining before the most awaited day arrives, tension is growing among many men. If you are among this category of men, worry no more. Below are tips on top gifts that you can go for and make your woman happy.


Most women naturally love handbags. There are several different designs and styles of bags on the market. Common examples include everyday wallets, glam bags, carry-all totes, and must-have satchels among many others. Designer bags come in standard sizes that can fit a wide variety of people. In this case, your main concern will only be the color, which you can tell from past experiences with your woman. Women are always in need of another handbag. The ones they have are never enough. For this reason, you do not have to bother even if the bag happens to resemble another one that your woman already has. In fact, the more the handbags, the better for her.


The greatest concern by many when it comes to jewelry is the price. The price is determined by its quality and type. Examples include rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and many more. Therefore, you can select the quality and type that will not strain your wallet but still satisfy your woman. For good results, you can consider including inspirational and romantic messages on the jewelry that can match with different outfits. Alternatively, you can go for ready-made types such as diamond stones, studs, or gold.


Women generally love fashion. You can be sure anything that touches on fashion also touches the heart of a woman with almost the same measure. They love moving with the most current trends in their outfits. On the other hand, fashion designers are constantly coming up with new models and trends. For shoes, they range from flat and high-heeled to boots and sandals. Any of these will be appreciated by your woman as a Christmas gift. You can do online shoe shopping to make your search simple.


Just like shoes, trends in the type of clothes worn by women tend to change with time. Manufacturers come up with different styles and designs nearly every day. They always keep pace with the changing desires of women. Buy your woman the latest design and you will be sure they will appreciate your effort. However, for clothing, ensure you find out about the size to avoid oversized or undersized ones.


What type of cell phone does your woman have? Is she often proud of it? Are there services she is unable to access due to limitations caused by the type of phone she has? For how long has she been with it? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on what to purchase for your woman. Consider improving the type of phone your woman uses, especially by going for the most current and stylish on the market. For instance, replacing their iphone with the latest kindle tablet and or ebook reader can bring a lot of difference to your woman.


Women love things that help enhance their appearance. They apply cosmetics on their eyes, lips, face and nails in order to appear beautiful. With cosmetics, find out from the woman about the ones they prefer to avoid dissatisfaction. They come in wide varieties and prices. Be sure to purchase those that will fit in your budget.


With flowers, you can choose to go for either natural or manufactured ones. It depends with your budget, as well as personal preferences. However, most women will appreciate natural flowers to manufactured ones. Different types of flowers have various meanings. Your choice is determined by the kind of message you intend to pass to her through the flower. The main advantage of manufactured flowers is that they tend to last longer than natural ones which wither after a short period of time.

Pampering Kits

Women not only love pampering kits but also enjoy having them. The packs often have things that will make your woman satisfied. Christmas pampers will give your woman a relaxing experience and leave her yearning for more.

Decorative Items

Buy your woman things to use to decorate her house or home during the Christmas season. They range from flowers, custom-made disco lights, sound system lights, ribbons and balloons. The decorative can be modified to bear her name or some message meant to communicate some information to her or people around her. You can also help her come up with ideas on how to go about the decoration exercise.

Christmas Cards

These will not cost you so much. Cards often have inscriptions that are encouraging and inspiring. You can also print a specific message and send it to your woman. In most cases, their value lies in the message which they bear. Therefore, be sure to select the message that will touch your woman in some way.

Before purchasing gifts, make a point of finding out what fascinates your woman. You can involve them when deciding on what to purchase by making suggestions and letting them choose what is best.

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