How Paying Attention To Your Nails Can Protect Your Health

Paying attention to one’s nails used to be the sole domain of the ladies. Well, that was before medical science proved that the condition of one’s health could be determined by studying the fingernails. Now, even men should pay close attention to the fingernails, because by doing so, it becomes more possible to stay healthy and fit.

If this sounds like mumbo-jumbo or like something out of a spaced-out cult’s manual for disease prevention, you’ll be surprised.


Yellow Nails 1

Unless you are an artist or house painter who puts up with plenty of paint splatter that can color your nails, you should pay attention when you notice that your nails have turned yellow, are thickened, and tend to grow slow. This is a clear sign of serious pulmonary illness, such as emphysema. Going to the doctor when you see this change in the way your nails look can do much towards arresting the deterioration of your health.


Yellow Nails 2

On the other hand, if you find that your nails are also yellowish, but they have a pale, or pinkish blush at the base, it’s best that you go see an endocrinologist. This kind of medical doctor can diagnose whether or you have diabetes.


Nail Pitting and/or Rippling

No matter what your occupation may be, there is no reason to have pitted nails. When very small holes appear on the nail surface, it means that some form of dermatitis is going on. Unattended, psoriasis of the nails can lead to full damage of the nail enamel, exposing the nerve endings and soft flesh underneath. You could also have inflammatory arthritis. Schedule a check-up as soon as you can.


White Nails


Healthy nails have a pinkish tint to them. If they’re pale, or white, then it could be a sign of liver problems. To be able to rule out hepatitis, see your doctor right away. Make sure though, that the whiteness of your nails isn’t due to having immersed your hands in water for a long time, like in preparing certain kinds of food or when you go on a prolonged swimming session.


Dark Lines


If you notice dark lines underneath your nails, never assume that it’s just a streak of dirt that got trapped in there somehow. When you see dark lines beneath your nails, check also if you developed a new mole on your body, or if there have been changes in the size, growth, and color of any existing mole you may have. Taken together, these symptoms could point to melanoma or skin cancer.  Consult your medical doctor immediately.



No, this isn’t about hitting the bars and partying. “Clubbing,” in this context, refers to an inversion in the growth of the nail, as well as a thick tissue growth that increases over time. This growth is painless, but even then, you shouldn’t shrug it off. It could be heralding that you’ve got a lung disease. To be sure, have a medical exam done right away.


Not all ailments can be diagnosed simply by looking at your nails. By the same token, not because you have certain nail conditions, it already means that you’ve already got a serious medical condition that can debilitate you.


As always, the key rule is to be prudent and not hesitate in consulting a physician if you notice something unusual in your body.


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