How to Get Big Like Dwayne Johnson?

Everyone wants to look like the hottest celebrities. However, many do not realize that these celebrities, excluding Chuck Norris, are just human!

Any celebrity body that’s not influenced by illegal drugs, such as steroids, can be obtained. This is not to say that an individual will look exactly the same, as genetics and body composition differ by person, but the same quality of physique can be achieved.

How Dwayne Johnson Got Big

Not everyone can get as big as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Genetic potential can really hold some people back. Everyone is predisposed to different body types as well. Dwayne Johnson achieved a desirable physique by starting out at the gym at a very young age. What others can achieve is unknown until the years of effort and research are made. After all, most families don’t have anyone that tried to seek out genetic potential through bodybuilding-style training.

With many years of determination, training for the NFL, and then following through with training while becoming a top wrestler and movie star, the body progressively grew. This can be seen by looking at images of Dwayne Johnson over the years.

Still, the physique possessed by Dwayne Johnson is the result of diet and training. The progress that’s made each year is because of the consistency in dietary intake and physical exertion.


How Dwayne Johnson Trains

As we all know, a training regimen can switch every few months or every few years. Dwayne Johnson has a pretty interesting life, which interferes with a training schedule as one would assume. However, Dwayne Johnson did commit to resistance training to slim down to ultimately look bigger (more ripped) on the big screen.

On the journey to ripped land, Dwayne Johnson followedthis workout program:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

On each of these days, The Rock would train the chest, back, biceps, and calves. Typically, each exercise had five sets and 15 to 20 reps in each set with 30 second rest periods. These high volume sets are ideal while cutting as it influences muscle maintenance while burning more calories.

The workout would be topped off with high intensity cardio, which lasted for 12 minutes and featured a 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool-down period.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

On each of these days, Dwayne Johnson would train quads, hamstrings, shoulders, and triceps. Typically, each exercise followed the same set and rep scheme as I explained earlier. The workout would then be topped off with the same amount and intensity of cardio.


How Dwayne Johnson Eats

In this example, Dwayne Johnson was looking to lose body fat to look more shredded. This means this is not an accurate approach for anyone looking to get just as big – however, that big yet ripped look can be obtained this way if the mass is already there.

Here is what a typical day of meals looked like for Dwayne Johnson during this cutting diet.

Meal 1 – 10 egg whites (scrambled), a cup of oatmeal or cream of rice (3x servings), and three rice cakes.

Meal 2 – A six ounce chicken breast (skinless, grilled), a cup of grits, a cup of steamed asparagus, and six ounces of yams.

Meal 3 – Six ounces of tuna, a cup of brown rice, and a sliced cucumber.

Meal 4 – A six ounce perch fillet, a cup of barley, a cup of steamed green beans, and a six ounce baked potato.

Meal 5 – A six ounce pork tenderloin, a cup of peas, a cup of brown rice, and six ounces of sweet potatoes.

Meal 6 – 10 egg whites (scrambled) and a cup of oatmeal or cream of rice (3x servings).

Every meal would be accompanied by 24 ounces of water.

Of course, this is not a meal plan that works for many when looking to cut down. Right now, Dwayne Johnson is somewhere around a shredded 265 pounds. Dietary requirements for this celebrity, versus the average weightlifter, are night and day. If someone has nearly the same amount of mass, the caloric intake requirements may be a little closer.

This is just a little insight on what it takes to look like Dwayne Johnson. However, it is important to remember that the majority of the results this person gets is because of many years of dedication and anabolic eating. Anyone can achieve similar results, but switching to the same diet and workout plan won’t guarantee the results any quicker.

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