“Just Do It” – Motivational Speech By Art Williams

This is the type of motivational speech that just gets better every time you watch it. Arthur L. Williams Jr., or “Art”, is a former football coach turned insurance executive that has quite the back story. Though he doesn’t go very much into the depth of it in this speech, he does use it throughout the video as a method of framing and anchoring his words. The most recently published report of his wealth that I could find was from the 2008 “World’s Billionaires List” by Forbes in 2008, in which he is ranked as #843 with a net worth of 1.4 billion dollars. His critique of corporate America and the rules of business in the video are as true today as they were when he made this speech.

I’d definitely recommend watching this one the whole way through…and the next time you start to make excuses for your behaviors, listen to those key words….”do it”. Watch it enough and you might even start hearing it in his accent the way I do.

Motivational Speech by Art Williams

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