Make Your Girl Happy This Christmas: Buying The Perfect Gift

Ahh, once again the sporadic yet patterned behavior of those around me has converged in a way only as to suggest one thing. Yards and houses have begun to adorn themselves in lights and ornaments. White light prevail in the conservative areas and multi-color lights find themselves generally in the more urban ones. This ritual decoration, coupled with frostier temperatures in many areas has made me cognizant of the Christmas Spirit that has started to permeate the air.

It also means that men everywhere are starting to feel a rising sense of panic as realize they need to get their girlfriend of their wife a so-called Christmas Present.

Calm down guys…the task at hand is far from impossible and actually, you’re about to learn the premiere tricks for accomplishing it. The only advice I’ve included here isn’t just my personal experience…its exclusively the personal experience that I’ve shared to others and been told was actually helpful. If you follow the trend of my Christmas Gift for Girlfriends study thus far, you should find the rest of this article a life saver.

Beautiful sexy body of female santa

Buying Your Girlfriend The Perfect Christmas Gift

Don’t fall into the “let’s not each other anything this year” trap.

So sure, you’ve agreed with the lovely lady of your life that you both will refrain from buying gifts. Feel like you won the lottery?

Unfortunately, you didn’t.  Let’s skip the logical arguments than can be made against your position in this ‘progressive’ deal. Let’s go right to the worst-case scenario….she gets you something! Despite her nurturing and believable eyes she’s tricked you once again and she’s bought a gift that you both agreed neither of you would attempt.

What options does a man have here?

Essentially none, if you’d like to retain your masculinity. On the contrary, what could she possibly say if she gave you a gift then you gave her one? Fight fire with fire, particularly if you know you’re significant other likes to fight with fire.


Listen To What She’s Saying, But Is Trying Not To Say

She’s told you what she wants already…but maybe you weren’t listening to how she phrased it. Perhaps she pointed out to you some jewelry through a window with a quick “oh look at that, isn’t it pretty?”.  In fact, anything she asked your opinion on in the last two months, when her opinion has been asserted, is going to be a gift that she loves.

What does that mean exactly?

It means there’s some things she’s said lines, like the aforementioned ‘isn’t it pretty’ or “that looks so beautiful, don’t you think?”, “i really like that, do you?”…etc…

She’s told you she finds whatever she’s pointing out to be an object of desire. If you can recall one of these memories and can capitalize on buying it as her Christmas gift for the year, then you, my friend, have pulled off the perfect Christmas present and I applaud you.


From The Mouths of Babes

Don’t take my word for all of this. Last year we had the pleasure of a guest joining us at androsForm to give us what she thought was the best advice for finding your girl the perfect Christmas present. Re-enjoy it right here: What She Wants For Christmas


super hot sexy female santa

Beautiful sexy female santa


If your girl is as hot as the one above, please listen to the advice above. Or, better yet for you, a girl like that will probably answer very honestly to “what do you want for christmas?”…just make sure you tell her what you want too!

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